The Amazon Rainforest is unique. The intensity of the place will shock you, with its colors, trees, sensations, animals, culture, and lifestyle. To stay with World Adventure Trips & Amazonia Expeditions is a very significant part of this unforgettable experience.

But how does one pack for the rainforest?  Always plan for it to being hot and humid, what you will need to definitely need to account for is: heavy rain (possibility), jungle critters, and of course… can’t stretch this enough; humidity.

With plenty of experience of traveling to the Amazon, I wanted to share just a couple packing tips and advice for planning your adventure.

Essential items that YOU will need to bring on the trip:
  • Documents:
    • Two Copies of your passport picture page
    • No Visa, No Vaccination Certification Required
  • Clothes for the jungle:
    • Long and short pants, long pants for rugged terrain
      • If you want to be creative you could go for convertible long pants that ensemble into shorts.
    • Long sleeved shirts and tee shirts
      • Keep in mind: Long sleeve shirts are not to keep you warm but to keep you protected from mosquitos and the sun during excursions.
    • Comfortable footwear and flip flops
    • High Socks
  • Other things to bring:
    • Sunblock
      • Make sure you reapply a couple times per day unless you want to turn as red as a Bald Uakari monkey.
    • Insect Repellant
      • When it comes to insect repellent you may refrain from using 100% Deet as though these products have been known to be extremely harmful to your skin.
        This repellent as an excellent DEET-FREE option: All Terrain Herbal Armor DEET-Free Natural Insect Repellent Spray 

        • If you are looking for a Deet type of mosquito repellent I recommend getting either or both of the:
          – Repel 30% Deet Insect Repellent Mosquito 20 Wipes (For reapplication use while on excursions)
          – Repel Deep Woods (For application use before going on excursions)
        • And as an extra precaution spray your clothes down in Permetherin (Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent Trigger Sprayer 24fl oz ) a day or two before arriving in the jungle so you have that extra layer of repellent on your clothing.
      • After-bite: as there may be one or two sneaky little mosquitos that may get to you during the excursions be sure to consider Tiger Balm as an option.  It will relieve the itch and swelling of any mosquito bites.
    • Canteen or Water bottle
    • Mosquito head net (You can pick these up at Walmart for $1USD – great budget item to bring with)
    • Biodegradable Soap and shampoo
    • Personal First Aid Kit
    • Personal Toiletries
    • Snacks (Lodge provides 3 meals per day but if you want anything in-between I suggest you bring a couple snacks)
    • US Currency – Mint / New Condition – * VERY IMPORTANT: All US Dollars should have no tears, markings, and/or damage.  If it is then it will be void and not usuable during the duration of your trip.*
 Tips on the OTHER essential items:
  1. To keep as cool as possible the recommendation is to take loose-fitting short and long sleeved shirts and pants. Not only will this keep you cool but the loose fit makes it harder for mosquitoes to bite.
    Some Items that may be of interest for purchasing to stay cool:
    Cooling Towel (Lasts forever and is perfect for when you travel to those hot climates).
    Columbia long sleeve shirt – Columbia brand has always been a favorite of mine with all the Omni-tech clothing.
    Tip: Make sure to attain light colored clothing because any darks will attract mosquitos.
  2.  Raingear: A durable poncho or good rain jacket.
  3.  Brimmed hat & Sunglasses:  mainly for traveling to and from hiking spots in an open topped boat; it also has the additional function of protecting your head when you fail to duck under that dangling vine or fallen tree.
    Recommendation: Columbia Schooner Bank Cachalot III Sun Hats, Fossil, One Size
  4.  Swimwear: Remember to take a bathing suit, and don’t let the piranha and anaconda movies scare you, as one of the most relaxing things to do after a long day’s hiking and wildlife watching is to swim in the cool welcoming water. One of the most popular excursions is viewing & swimming with the pink dolphins while at the lodge.  This is as well needed if you visit the floating restaurant “Al Frio Y Al Fuego” they have a great pool there if you plan that into your itinerary to visit.

    Al Frio Y Al Fuego
    Al Frio Y Al Fuego – Is a floating restaurant in the middle of the Itaya river outside of Iquitos. You will take a 4-minute boat ride from the dock to the restaurant, the meals are absolutely fantastic, and service is top notch.  It is two floors, you can choose to sit up high and have a beautiful view of the city of Iquitos and the mouth of the Amazon River.  Or you can sit down below where there is a pool available to take a quick dip to cool off from the jungle heat.  While at this location take the chance to try some of their specialty cocktails, for sure to get you up and dancing to some jungle music by the favorite band of Iquitos:  “Explosión De Iquitos“!

  5.  A flashlight will come into play when the sunsets.  During our nocturnal boat rides, we will put them to good use to spot nocturnal animals along the river banks, and for late night spearfishing. Don’t forget spare batteries.
    Flashlight recommendations:
    Handheld Flashlight
  6. Day pack or small backpack, if you have waterproof binoculars definitely bring those (they will come in handy for bird watching and exploring by boat), and a camera or camcorder for observing & recording the abundant and diverse wildlife.  For any excursion, it is best to carry a weatherproof daypack with everything you need to stay safe and comfortable.
    Daypack recommendations:
    Osprey Packs Daylite Backpack This pack is not weatherproof but it is light, and definitely can fit under your rain jacket or poncho that you decide to bring if it does rain.
  7. Portable Charger I recommend on every trip, and especially this one.  The lodge runs on solar and water power, even though there are outlets at the lodge, you will need to keep your phone and camera charged on full day excursions. I recommend grabbing a portable charge with at least 5000maH.

    Portable Charger Recommendations:
    Portable Charger RAVPower 26800mAh – $49.99 (BY FAR the best deal, could charge your phone at least 10-15 full times before you need to charge it again)
    Pros: It holds so much battery life and could last you a week without an outlet
    Cons: Very bulky, heavy, and not that great of a brand.
    Mophie Powerstation (6,000mAh)  – $49.95
    Pros: Durable, light, and charges rapidly. Great brand, and will last you forever.
    Cons: A higher price for a lower battery capacity.
  8. NEW: Bring a small battery powered portable fan.  (Extra batteries) It tends to get hot at night time while you are asleep if you are concerned about staying cool this will come in handy.
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